What is Digital Product Strategy?

Digital Product Strategy is the practice of viewing the online, mobile, tablet, kiosk, and interactive experiences that your company deploys as “products” rather than projects, and utilizing Digital Product Management as a framework for executing against your Digital Strategy.

Hop on over to Wikipedia for a more comprehensive definition of traditional product management: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Product_management.

Product Management is a long-standing discipline originally viewed as a practice necessary for physical/tangible products, originating from manufacturing organizations who “built products” that required a shift in focus to be market-driven to ensure that they “built the right products.”

How is Digital Product Management different from Digital Marketing?

Digital Product Management is different from Digital Marketing the same way that traditional Product Management is different from traditional Product Marketing: Product Management focuses on the market needs to understand how to drive the vision for what the product needs to do, Product Marketing is responsible for the marketing of the Digital Product, or the use of the Digital Product to market to target end-users.

How does Digital Product Management fit into an organization?

Use the following diagram as an illustration for how Digital Product Management is positioned as the Authority on strategy, design, development, deployment, and marketing of the end product. Your organization’s digital products can be websites, mobile apps, in-store kiosks, corporate intranets, or any number of other digital experiences through which continued, external market focus needs to influence the improvement of the product.

Digital Product Management 2013-05

How is Digital Product Management different from User Experience?

As much as I hate this answer, the difference is that “it depends” based on your organization. For more on this topic, see this blog post: http://www.digitalproductstrategy.com/1535/user-experience-vs-digital-product-management-who-owns-what/.

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