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Still fascinated by how easy it is to spend money online

Before the internet, the following scenario could not have existed, and an online business of affiliate dollars and music sales like this was not possible. I still find the ease and convenience fascinating.

1.) While watching the Vikings vs. Packers NFL game this evening, a commercial for HTC’s new “You” campaign came on.

2.) Feeling so connected to it, I tweeted about it while on the couch with my laptop.

3.) Prior to tweeting about it, I had to find the video on YouTube to link to it in the tweet. I found it here:

4.) In the YouTube comments, I saw the name of the artist that created the song used in the commercial. (It should be noted that I wasn’t really looking to buy this song initially.)

5.) I copied & pasted the artist & song name into Google (search results here).

6.) Found the song on Was able to play it directly on to verify that it was the correct song. It was.

7.) Clicked the “buy” button on That brought me to for a 1-click purchase.

$0.99 later and after couple minutes of my time, I now have the song.

The above scenario will only get easier.

The above scenario will only get easier and faster with fewer steps to the point of purchase. Convenience is key. If your industry or market hasn’t been impacted by this, it will be. There may be technical limitations or generational preferences, but either way, both will catch up, align, and make buying your product as easy as it was for me to buy this song (even for someone not necessarily in the market).

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