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UX Practitioners Will Excel in an Increasingly Digital World

It’s not just a “marketing” project to have a website because ultimately, you are architecting a shopping process that draws on many areas of an organization to support. In traditional brick & mortar environments, you have store operations, store merchants, customer service…all experts in their areas of helping a customer through the shopping process in-store. Try and implement a new shopping experience in-store and these functions will be intimately involved and help you avoid land mines.

Vague shopping process familiarity exists in traditional Marketing roles

On the other hand, with Digital we typically see a marketing team with vague familiarity around the intricacies of the touch points of a shopping process trying to build comprehensive shopping experiences.

User Experience is not a marketing campaign

Because the rules of store operations, merchandising, and customer service are different in a digital world, we see little crossover in the expertise of these traditional departments, and marketing departments fall back on what they do best: campaigns. Making a big splash with a new idea, hoping it sticks, and moving onto the next budgeted initiative. The problem is that campaigns have a short life-span, and you never want to treat your digital experience like a campaign.

Enter the User Experience (UX) practitioner

UX practitioners will excel now and into the foreseeable future as marketing departments in both retailers and brands work to bridge cross-channel shopping gaps with digital. It’s these folks who will help map touch points from the traditional world to the digital world, and vice versa because they see the details so no stone is left unturned.

Experiences are never-ending

An experience is never-ending; campaigns and products do however come to an end. Marketing Departments must rid themselves of this mentality and embrace an era of User Experience design.

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