Eric Long

The Paradigm Shift for Product Organizations: Building Consumer Experiences

As I view the landscape of digital technology and how big brands are embracing new ways to reach consumers, one thing is evident: this is clearly a paradigm shift for product-centric organizations who are historically reliant on the retailer to construct the shopping experience.

For years, manufacturers build product, sell it into a retailer, and wipe their hands of most responsibilities after the fact — often focusing on promotional calendars to help drive point of sale with some arm’s length control over point of purchase signage.

As the shift to building experiences becomes more of a priority for brands and manufacturers, they find themselves with an organizational structure and culture that may be highly unprepared for what it takes to embrace this new experience-driven mentality.

These are exciting times for consumers as retailers and manufacturers push the envelope for their attention across channels. These are equally exciting times for retailers and manufacturers as the advances in consumer technologies and their expectations are driving substantially different conversations at the brand and retailer level than in years past.

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